Hydrogen Chargers

Fuel cells have important application as battery chargers of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, cameras and more.
This is the perfect solution for spending time outdoors, camping, hiking or for any situation where there is no electricity for some time. The charger is delivered with a replaceable hydrogen cartridge which can be filled with hydrogen several times from water electrolyser.

VANIS offers the following models of hydrogen chargers


* MiniPak- charger of the cell phones batteries with usb cable 5 V DC, 400mA, 2 W



* GreenBox - charger of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, cameras. GreenBox has standard 5 V DC usb output for cell phones, additional 12/24 V DC output for charging other types of batteries and 230 V AC/50Hz output in range 75 W, 165 W and 250 W

Model Power Hydrogen consumption Dimensions Weight
MiniPak 2W 50 mL/min 11,5x6,9x2,7 cm 210 g
GreenBox 100 75 W 1,6 L/min 31x44x20 cm 11 kg
GreenBox 200 165 W 3,1 L/min 31x44x20 cm 13 kg
GreenBox 300 250 W 4,6 L/min 31x44x20 cm 15 kg

GreenHub and GreenBox fuel cells are manufactured by Hydro2Power SRL, Italy.

Vanis d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of Hydro2Power SRL.