Hydrogen for Fuel Cells

Hydrogen is ecologically produced by using the water electrolysis when that two electrodes connected to DC voltage are placed in the clean water. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode and oxygen will appear at the anode.

The oxygen is released into the atmosphere and the hydrogen is stored in containers that bind hydrogen with a metal alloy to form a solid metal hydride.

Capacity of the storage is expressed in liters of hydrogen at standard pressure of 1 bar and in these conditions one gram of hydrogen fills the space of about 11.1 liters.

Fuel cell provides about 11 - 15 Wh of electricity with one gram of hydrogen.

It is good to know that about 9 liters of water is consumed for the production of 1 kg of hydrogen, and that 1 kg of hydrogen is sufficient for 100 km drive by car.

We fill the replaceable cartridges with pure hydrogen for our fuel cells customers by using our facility for water electrolysis . Hydrogen is the purity of 99.99%. Operating temperature + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C, pressure 1.5-30 bar

MyH2 Hydrostrick

VANIS d.o.o. offers the following models of the metal hydride cartridges filled with hydrogen

  • MyH2 storage is used for GreenHub and GreenBox fuel cells.
  • Hydrostick is used for MiniPak cell phone charger
Model Capacity External dimension DxL Weight
HydroStick  10 L 2,2x8,8 cm 90 g
MyH2 300 300 L 7x31,5 cm 2,4 kg
MyH2 300 300 L 7x31,5 cm 2,4 kg
MyH2 600 600 L 10,2x31,5 cm 5 kg
MyH2 900 900 L 10,2x38 cm 6,9 kg
MyH2 2000 2.000 L 11,1x56 cm 14 kg
MyH2 3000 3.000 L 11,1x56 cm 14 kg
MyH2 cluster 24.000 L    

GreenHub and GreenBox fuel cells are manufactured by Hydro2Power SRL, Italy.

MyH2 hydrogen tanks are manufactured by Hydro2Power SRL.

Vanis d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of Hydro2Power SRL.