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MBR Process Concept

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) is a technology belonging to the group of separation processes with biological treatment with active sludge.

Mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater is adjusted to meet the requirements of biological processes taking place inside the bioreactor. Calculation for wastewater treatment unit are made for certain number of plant's bioreactors, taking into consideration the characteristic oscillations in quantity and quality of influent, and assuring that the effluent quality on the exit from the plant is within by law required boundaries.

MBR system of municipal wastewater treatment enables wastewater treatment in four basic phases and number of sub-phases, depending on technical design. By aerating water and keeping the optimal quantity of active sludge for microorganisms to grow, in period of 10 to 15 days the sufficient number of microorganisms settles in the bioreactor pool, and in short period of time they are able to treat all organic matters, which are loading the wastewater.

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After the biological treatment, the water is lead through the membrane, which retains the microorganisms and all residual organic and inorganic matters, thus producing the highly purified water. The cleaning of the separation system (ultra filtration membranes) is performed by backwashing in short time periods without interrupting the treatment process. The achieved quality of the effluent is greater than the one required by the law. By law required quality of treated wastewater for emission in recipient of II category and effluent quality of MBR Plant:

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