Environmental Impact

Our innovative concept of the wave energy converters solves the problem of production of electricity from marine wave energy in the most economical way with no impact to environment.

MBR Wastewater Plant


This is achieved by placing the wave energy plant onshore (rather than offshore) with array of low-cost linear generators of electricity which are situated in a small protective building. That's why this type of wave energy plant is called onshore wave energy plant.

Only buoys are on the sea surface along the coastline and their outlook of silent swaying boats will be acceptable for the local community and the environment.




Our solution has practically no environmental impact for the following reasons:

  • No impact on marine life
  • No impact on the seabed
  • No impact of anchoring and mooring
  • High Survivability & Reliability
  • Zero carbon emissions
MBR Wastewater Plant


The locations for the construction of onshore wave power plants are breakwaters, industrial coastline, piers.

From the standpoint of regulations, the onshore wave power plants are coastal buildings, such as port or shipyard cranes, marinas, harbors, breakwaters.