Wave Power Plant

VANIS Company provides wave energy solutions based on our wave energy converter and permanent magnet linear generator.

Vanis Wave Energy Converter is based on three major parts:

  • Buoy of hollow hemispherical shape which is situated on the sea along the coastline
  • Power take-off system which includes levers, pulleys and ropes
  • Four linear generators which are connected to one buoy via power take-off system. Linear generators are situated onshore in a small protective building.


The principle of work of Vanis Wave Energy Converter is presented on the following animated picture.





Wave energy plant consists of the multiple wave energy converters, control system and other supporting parts. A buoy is on the sea surface and only the buoy has a contact with the sea water.
The following picture depicts the 3D model of wave power plant.






Linear electric generator having a cylindrical shape consists of a simple construction of stator with coils and a translator with permanent magnets, which allows setting the generator on the coast in the vertical position. Translator is connected to a buoy with two ropes through the two sets of pulleys and levers. This results in a linear movement of translator up and down within the oval stator coils in the direction of the waves lifting and lowering, which induces a voltage in the coil conductors of the generator.