Gps Parcela mobile app

GPS navigation to your land parcel

App Features:
Identification of land parcels, cadastral parcels.
Display your land parcels on a map on your smartphone.
View the distance between the smartphone and the land parcel.
View your current smartphone location on the map.
Read the current GPS coordinates.
Improved accuracy of the current GPS coordinates reading.
Create a land parcel by entering the coordinates.
Update the entered coordinates.
Download the cadastral parcel coordinates from our web server
Transformation from reference coordinates to Gps (WGS84) coordinates
Calculation of land parcel area and boundary line lengths.
Save the land parcel files in your local smartphone storage.
Language support for English, German, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French.
Support for the coordinate systems and geoportals in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Europe.
Backup and restore.
List of visible satellites
Support for GNSS and L1+L5
Record your current location data (coordinates, speed, time) while you walk or drive. The data is saved in a daily route file.
Display the route on a map.


Gps Parcela Pro mobile app

Precise GPS locating, Land measurement,
Division of land parcel

The Gps Parcela Pro app has all the features of the Gps Parcela app and additional advanced features:
- Precise locating of parcel corners
- Land measurement
- Division of land parcel
- Map view with compass
- The parallel guidance lines used in precision agriculture.

The division of the land parcel is one of the most important features of this app, which is important in several cases.
The division of land parcel is necessary when the co-owners want to divide their land parcel (forest, field, meadow) only and mark the land without officially registering the division in the cadaster.
Another case of division occurs when the owner plans to subdivide his large building plot for sale into several smaller parts and wants to make an analysis of possible division solutions.

To precisely locate parcel corners, the app applies a differential method to correct the accuracy of GPS coordinates using a fixed location with known coordinates.

You can perform land measurement to get the coordinates of the corner points of your land parcel or coordinates of any other point on the land parcel with an accuracy of 1 cm.
In this case, the app applies a classic surveying method that includes a compass, a measuring tape and the coordinates of the initial point.



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