Vanis Hydrogen-Solar Hybrid Power Supply System


Vanis Hydrogen-Solar Hybrid is a stand-alone hybrid system for the power supply of remote telecommunication, measurement and control stations with solar energy and energy from hydrogen fuel cells. The system has a standard 4 kW power for average daily consumption of 10 kW of electricity. The solar panels mono 200 W and fuel cells 900 W are applied. An optional water electrolyser can be added for automatic production of hydrogen at the station site.

Technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: 4kW
  • Nominal voltage 48 VDC
  • The station power: 500 W
  • The power of solar panels: 20 x 200 Wp
  • Number of batteries: 6, 12VDC, 260Ah
  • The fuel cell power: 900 W
  • Hydrogen tank: 8 steel tanks 50 L, hydrogen capacity 850 g/tank, pressure 200 bar
  • Optional water electrolyser: power 1280 W, capacity 21 g/h
  • The monitoring and control system: Vanis RTU

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