Gps Parcela mobile app

GPS navigation to your land parcel

App Features:
Identification of land parcels, cadastral parcels.
Display your land parcels on a map on your smartphone.
View the distance between the smartphone and the land parcel.
View your current smartphone location on the map.
Read the current GPS coordinates.
Improved accuracy of the current GPS coordinates reading.
Create a land parcel by selecting the current GPS coordinates.
Create a land parcel by entering the GPS coordinates.
Update the entered GPS coordinates.
Import the land parcel txt files with GPS coordinates.
Automatic calculation of land plot area, perimeter and boundary line lengths.
Save the land parcel files in your local smartphone storage.
Create on your smartphone or tablet an album of all your land parcel maps.
Language support for English, German, Italian and Croatian.


Gps InterLink mobile app

GPS InterLink mobile app turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker that displays a street map.
This app exchanges data with other Gps InterLink apps and gps trackers using the Vanis Web Service.
GPS InterLink app is primarily dedicated to companies that want to track their vehicles and assets using GPS and smartphone as a tracking device.


Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

VANIS delivers VisualCall app which is used for the Smart City applications of Internet of Things (IoT) such as water and waste water management. Internet of Things is a network of internet-connected devices that are able to collect and exchange data using sensors and controllers, so VisualCall is used to monitor and/or control the IoT devices from a remote location. VisualCall can be also used as a software part of the IoT controllers.
Key Features: Advanced communication, Client/Server Architecture, Object-oriented graphics, Real-time and historical trending, Alarm handling, using sounds, e-mail, SMS, text and symbols, Flexible reporting.



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Gps Parcela

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