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The users of Gps Parcela App

This app is primarily intended for all private landowners who want to have on their smartphones or tablets an album of all their land parcels with corresponding maps and other information so they can easily navigate to their land parcels.
The app is also intended for municipalities, utility companies and other state or private companies that owns a larger number of cadastral parcels, and for all real estate professionals.
For the purpose of this app, the land parcel is any land having its own boundaries defined by corners. Most often, the land parcel can be a cadastral parcel, but it can also be part of an agricultural plot where you have for example planted apples. The corner points are defined with GPS (WGS84) coordinates known as latitude and longitude.

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GPS navigation to your land parcel

App Features:

- Identification of land parcels, cadastral parcels.
- Display your land parcels on a map on your smartphone.
- View the distance between the smartphone and the land parcel.
- View your current smartphone location on the map.
- Read the current GPS coordinates.
- Improved accuracy of the current GPS coordinates reading.
- Create a land parcel by selecting the current GPS coordinates.
- Create a land parcel by entering the GPS coordinates.
- Update the entered GPS coordinates.
- Import the land parcel txt files with GPS coordinates.
- Automatic calculation of land plot area, perimeter and boundary line lengths.
- Save the land parcel files in your local smartphone storage.
- Create on your smartphone or tablet an album of all your land parcel maps.
- Language support for English, German, Italian and Croatian.

How to get Gps coordinates from geoportal

How to get Gps coordinates of your cadastral parcel using the Internet

Visit a geoportal website in your country and there you can easily get the approximate GPS coordinates for your cadastral parcel. Enter the number of your cadastral parcel and you can see a map of your cadastral parcel. Move the mouse over a corner point and you will be able to read on the screen the corresponding GPS coordinates.
Enter all the points in a single txt file so that each line contains for the single point the latitude and longitude coordinates separated by a semicolon. Gps Parcela app allows you to easily import the txt file.
If you do not want to import a file, you can also enter the latitude and longitude coordinates for each corner point into the app directly.
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How to locate a land parcel on the ground

Be your own master and locate your cadastral parcel on the ground using Gps Parcela app

The landowner can easily locate his land parcels by using this app, which is important in the following cases:
-The owner has inherited land parcels, he knows the cadastral parcel number, but he does not know the exact place of the land parcel.
-The owner has all the data on the land parcel but he can not locate it anymore because the land is wooded and brushy.
You will know with relative accuracy that you are on your land plot when a green marker (that indicates the position of your smartphone on the map) shows that you are within the boundaries of your land parcel map.


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