Gps Parcela User Instructions

Gps Parcela

After the app gets started, you will see on the screen a map of your location and a bottom toolbar with icons.


From left to right, there are the following icons: Login, Data, My land parcel, My location, Map style (streets/landscape)
Right of the icons there are the following data:
Distance from My location to My land parcel
Latitude and Longitude of My location, in round brackets
Gps accuracy, in square brackets, in meters
Number of Gps points when My speed is zero, in curly brackets, for the mean (latitude,longitude) calculation
My speed, in m/s
Gps source ( satellite, wi-fi,…)

Tap the Login icon to login with your e-mail address and password.
First, select one of the languages: English, German, Italian, Croatian. Default language is English.
At the first start of the app you will be asked to sign up for your user account with the following data that you need to enter: your e-mail address and password, your name and address. In order to use this app for locating land parcels, you need to pay a GPS maps activation fee. The fee amount is 28 EUR including VAT. Once you've created your account, you'll receive an e-mail containing an offer with the payment instructions. You will be able to use the app after we receive your payment.
Your e-mail address and password are tied to your smartphone and no one can use your email address and password to sign in to the Gps Parcela application on another smartphone.

Tap the Data icon to edit the land parcel data in new window.

Gps Parcela In this window you can:
Create a land parcel by selecting the current GPS coordinates
Create a land parcel by entering the GPS coordinates
Update the entered GPS coordinates
Import the land parcel txt files with GPS coordinates from My Documents folder
Automatic calculation of land plot area, perimeter and boundary line lengths
Save the land parcel file in your local smartphone storage
Open a land parcel file from the local smartphone storage
The land parcel file is a txt file that has a single corner point in each line with Gps coordinates separated by a semicolon, for example 45.143812; 14.771649

Tap the My land parcel icon to display map of the selected land parcel.
The land parcel is labeled with a yellow color marker.

Tap the My location icon to display map of my location
The current location is marked with a green marker.
However, if you stop moving (the speed is zero) then the automatic averaging for longitude and latitude in the last 10 readings of Gps points for which the accuracy is less than 5 m (for Android) starts automatically. Points with accuracy greater than 5 m are not taken into account. The location marker color becomes red and the average value for longitude and latitude is displayed in the round brackets , which results in a higher accuracy of Gps coordinates reading.

You need to know that the accuracy of the data and the map is not absolute because it depends on a lot of factors. For example, the accuracy of GPS coordinates is variable, cadastral maps on geo portals are not always absolutely accurate. Although in most cases your land plot map corresponds to the actual state of the ground, it may happen that this is not always the case because of incorrect input data.