Gps Parcela User Instructions

- Start
- Registering a user account
- Login
- Land parcel data
- How to enter land parcel coordinates
- Navigation to a parcel
- How to get coordinates
- List of geoportals

Gps Parcela After the app gets started, you will see on the screen a map of your location and a bottom toolbar with icons.


From left to right, there are the following icons: User, Data, My land parcel, My location, Map style (streets/landscape)
Right of the icons there are the following data:
Distance from My location to My land parcel
Longitude and Latitude of My location, in round brackets
Gps accuracy, in square brackets, in meters
Number of Gps points when My speed is zero, in curly brackets, for the mean (latitude,longitude) calculation
My speed, in m/s
Gps source ( satellite, wi-fi,…)
At the start of the app, it is necessary to wait in the open space for some time (about 10-15 seconds) to get the GPS signal and GPS coordinates of your location.


Tap the User icon to create your user account with your e-mail address and password.

Gps Parcela At the first start of the app you will have the option to sign up for a user account with the following data that you need to enter: your e-mail address and password, your name and address.
Your e-mail address and password are tied to your smartphone and no one can use your email address and password to sign in to the Gps Parcela app on another smartphone or tablet. We will never share your information with third parties.
First, select one of the languages: English, German, Italian, Croatian. Default language is English.
Tap "Create a user account" button.
You need the account only if you want to subscribe for usage of GPS maps for your land parcels using geoportal reference coordinates. The annual subscription amount is 28 EUR including VAT.
Once you've created your account, you'll receive an email containing an offer for subscription with the payment instructions.
If you do not accept our offer, your account will be automatically cancelled.
After signing up for the user account you can use until the end of the day all the app functions without making a payment.
You can make the payment using PayPal.
Please click on the link below to pay with PayPal.


Tap the User icon again to see changes to your payment status.

Gps Parcela Once we receive your payment, you'll be able to fully use the app.
Tap the "Login" button to let the app change your payment status.
After that, you'll see the message with the validity end date of your user account.
Select a country and a reference coordinate system for your land parcels.
The list of countries supported by this app is shown at the end of this guide.
You can also order coordinates for your cadastral parcel from our web server.
This is an additional service we provide to help you use this app.
Enter the full name of the cadastral municipality and the cadastral parcel number.
Tap the "Send inquiry" button and this will automatically send your request to our email.
You can download the coordinates in a file from our web server under certain terms that you will receive from us in the email.


Tap the Data icon to edit the land parcel data in new window.

Gps Parcela In this window you can:
create a land parcel file by entering the coordinates,
update the entered coordinates,
download the cadastral parcel coordinates from our web server,
transform the reference coordinates to Gps (WGS84) coordinates,
get the land plot area and boundary line lengths,
save the land parcel file in your local smartphone storage,
open a land parcel file from the local smartphone storage,
show the map of the opened land parcel file.


-First you need to read the coordinates for your parcel from the cadastral map of the geoportal for the selected country and the coordinate system.
-Tap the "Clean" button. In the light blue field under the heading "Point" number 1 will be displayed . Two light blue fields for two coordinates will be empty.
-In each of these two light blue fields you need to enter a single coordinate.
-Tap the "Add" button. The values ​​of the coordinates you typed will be overwritten above in two gray fields. The number 2 adjacent to the "Point" heading field will appear. The adjacent two light blue fields will be empty and ready to enter the coordinates for point number two.
-Enter the coordinates for all points according to the procedure described above. Each point has its own ordinal number.
-The points with the coordinates can be moved up and down by tapping the up and down icons.
-You can change the values ​​of the point coordinates in light blue fields and then tap the "Update" button.
-You can remove the point from the light blue fields by tapping the "Remove" button.
-You can transform values ​​of the coordinates in light blue fields to Gps (WGS84) coordinates by tapping the Globe icon. With the first tap, the coordinates for longitude and latitude will be shown in the decimal format and with the second tap the Gps coordinates will be shown in the clock format "degree:minute:second"
-After you have entered the coordinates for all points, type the land parcel file name into the light blue field under the heading "Name of the land parcel". Tap the "Save" button. The parcel file name will then appear in the parcel file list. The file name can contain only letters, digits, and a minus sign.
-You can see the parcel map by tapping the "Display" button or by tapping the My parcel icon.
-You can scroll up and down the list of land parcels by tapping the up and down icons.
-Tap the "Open" button, and the land parcel file name from the gray field will open, which means that the data for all points will be in the list of points. At the same time, the value of the land plot area will be shown and the boundary line lengths will be listed under the heading "Distance".
-Name of the opened parcel file will appear in a light blue field under the heading "Name of the land parcel".
You can delete this parcel file by tapping the "Delete" button.
-Tap the "Download" button if you have ordered the cadastral parcel coordinates from our web server.
You will see a list of your ordered parcels (one or more) from our web server.
Select a name from the list and tap the "Select a land parcel" button
and your parcel file will be downloaded from our web server in your local smartphone memory.
After that, the ordered file will appear in your land parcel list.
Tap the "Display" button.


display the land parcel map

Gps Parcela Tap the My land parcel icon to display map of the selected land parcel.
The land parcel is labeled with a yellow color marker.

Tap the My location icon to display map of my location
The current location is marked with a green marker.
However, if you stop moving (the speed is zero) then the automatic averaging for longitude and latitude in the last 10 readings of Gps points for which the accuracy is less than 5 m (for Android) starts automatically. Points with accuracy greater than 5 m are not taken into account. The location marker color becomes red and the average value for longitude and latitude is displayed in the round brackets , which results in a higher accuracy of Gps coordinates reading.
This app can not be used for geodetic surveying.


of your cadastral parcel from geoportal

To precisely define the coordinates you need to use a PC or laptop with a mouse instead of a smartphone that has too little screen for this purpose.
Click on a link from the geoportal list and there you can easily get the relatively accurate reference coordinates for the cadastral parcel from the displayed cadastral map.
There are two possibilities to do so, depending on the chosen geoport.
The first possibility is to enter the full name of the cadastral municipality and the cadastral parcel number and then click on an icon that leads you to view the map of your land parcel.
The second possibility is to zoom in the displayed map until the boundaries of the parcels appear, where you can recognize your land parcel by its number.
In both cases, move the mouse over a corner point and you will be able to read on the screen the corresponding reference coordinates. Then you should enter the coordinates for each corner point into the app directly.
You need to know that the accuracy of data and maps is not absolute because it depends on a lot of factors. For example, cadastral maps on geoportals are not always absolutely accurate and usually the coordinates have a meter accuracy. Although in most cases your land plot corresponds to the real situation on the ground, it may still happen that this is not always the case, because of inaccurate input data.

supported by the Gps Parcela app

Country coordinate
epsg Link to cadastral geoportal
Austria GK M34
GK M31

Lambert08 3812
Bosnia and Herzegovina

GK zone 6 3908

UTM35N 32635

HTRS96/TM 3765
Czech Republic


WGS84 4326
France Geographique

UTM32N 3044


LKS92 3059

LKS94 3346

WGS84 4326

WGS84 4326
North Macedonia

MSCS7 6316

CS92 2180

UTM34N 32634

TM34N 32634

D96/TM 3912

WGS84 4326

WGS84 4326