The road to commercialization

Vanis Company plans to commercialize its solution of the wave energy plant with the following steps:

  • Identification of stakeholders who are interested in the wave energy project.
  • Formation of a new company with the inclusion of new investors and the transformation into a joint stock company.
  • Increase in the number of employees which would allow the production of the most important parts of the wave energy plant, and activities of sales, marketing and installation.
  • Formation of clusters of partner companies that produce other parts of the converter.

Target market

Typical customers of wave power plants in the world are companies engaged in the production of electricity from renewable sources. Our target market for wave power plants is the market of the European Union in the maritime countries that have seas such as the Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea with predominantly small waves (up to 2 m), which is practically empty.

The Croatian market

Now, in Croatia there is no wave power plant. The commercialization of our solutions in the EU and in Croatia will change the situation on the market because the EU Commission has encouraged the use of sea waves as a renewable energy source.

Key Customers

The key customers of Vanis wave energy plants are:

  • Local power utilities and local communities in EU countries with sea with small waves.
  • Companies that are already engaged in the production of electricity from renewable sources, such as solar energy or wind energy.
  • Hotel companies

The key customers will be approached by direct marketing without distribution channels.

GreenHub Pro


The principle of work of Vanis Wave Energy Converter is presented on the following animated picture.



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