Vanis RTU station

Koncept RTU

Vanis RTU remote station as the key element of Vanis supervisory and control system acts as a bridge between the central station on one side and the measurement, control and process equipment on the other side.

Vanis RTU station consists of:

  • PLC
  • Panel PC
  • GPRS modem
  • 3G/4G router for Internet communication
  • Vanis PLC program
  • VisualCall7 local SCADA for Panel PC

Vanis RTU station executes the following important functions:

  • Communication with central station by using wireless 3G/4G router and Internet
  • Transmission of the measurement and signal data to central station
  • Execution of commands received from the central station.
  • Sending of SMS and e-mail alarms
  • Logging of local data
  • Local control

Vanis RTU stations are configured as PLC with different number of analogue inputs, digital inputs, analogue outputs, digital outputs and Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 communication modules.
All stations are delivered in a main switching cabinet or in detached enclosure, with 230 VAC power supply. UPS is a standard part which ensures operation in case of power failure. Vanis RTU stations are based on the reliable Schneider PLC's which are run under the built-in Vanis PLC software. PLC and the local PC communicate via fast Ethernet connection.

Vanis RTU stations use the following protocols for communication with the main station:

  • proprietary MV/P protocol, or
  • IEC 60870-5 protocol

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