Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell is an electric generator that uses hydrogen as a fuel stored in a special cartridge and oxygen from the air, while only the water is additionally produced.
PEM Fuel Cell The fuel cell does not have any moving parts, it operates quietly and there are no exhaust gases, compared to diesel generator which generates electrical energy by using diesel as a fuel, with lot of noise and dangerous exhaust gases that pollute the environment.
There are various technologies for the fuel cells production, but the latest technology is PEM -Proton Exchange Membrane technology

The basic characteristics of fuel cells are :power (W or kW) and consumption of hydrogen (L/min or kg/h). It is good to know that 1 g of hydrogen needs space of 11.2 liters at 1 bar of standard pressure. However if the hydrogen is compressed , typically at 10 bar, 100 bar, 300 bar or 700 bar, the space is significantly reduced.
The hydrogen produced by the water electrolysis is stored in special cartridge -hydrogen storage that binds hydrogen with a metal alloy to form a solid metal hydride.

Vanis d.o.o. offers the fuel cells for the following applications:

  • Chargers of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, camerasÂ…
  • Backup Power Supply for industry , telecommunications and the other business applications
  • Continuous power supply of electric, measurement and monitoring equipment and other electronic and electrical devices.